Terms and Conditions

Purchasing tickets

For the full conditions of sale when purchasing tickets from Ticketmaster or Moshtix to Unsound Adelaide events, please visit the following links:

http://www.moshtix.com.au/v2/faq/faq-terms- and-conditions



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Competitions and giveaways

For competitions/giveaways through which entrants must answer a specific question, unless otherwise stated in the premise: a winning entry/entries will be drawn at random; the first entry/entries drawn containing the correct answer will win.

For competitions/giveaways through which entrants must provide a response, unless otherwise stated in the premise, a winning entry/entries will be chosen by a panel representing the Unsound Adelaide based on creativity, originality and adherence to the brief, at the discretion of Insite Arts. 

Insite Arts may compile and publish entries and/or responses to online competitions. In such cases, Unsound Adelaide will not publish any  entrants' personal information unless specifically instructed to do so in writing by the competition entrant. By entering any Unsound Adelaide competition and/or give-away, the entrant warrants that the submission (and any part thereof) is their own work, or that they have any permissions necessary from the owner of the material to reproduce and distribute the work, and gives permission for Unsound Adelaide to publish this content through Unsound’s social media and Unsound Adelaide’s website and E-newsletter. All competitions/giveaways for which entrants must not submit a specific answer or response, winner(s) will be chosen at random. All prizes/giveaways are non-transferable. By entering an Unsound Adelaide competition, all entrants expressly agree to these terms and conditions.

All competition winners will be notified directly.